Editi EffiongA writer and creative entrepreneur with business interests in digital advertising, technology, and film. Founder of Anakle, one of Nigeria’s biggest digital marketing agencies, and Anakle Labs, a technology company focused on building solutions for financial services and telecoms industries.

With the team at Anakle, he has been able to deliver industry standard projects helping clients from finance, FMCGs, to non-profits achieve growth using their digital assets. He had also helped clients design, improve and launch digital products in the Nigerian market.

He is also the Founder of Anakle Films, a company dedicated to telling the next generation of African stories through film. Anakle Films first two theatrical releases, Up North and The Setup have since been acquired by NETFLIX. Anakle Films has also partnered with the US Mission in Nigeria and US Justice Department to create Fishbone, a film aimed at raising awareness for pharmaceutical drug counterfeiting.

Apart from this, he also attended and documented the daily proceedings of the post-endsars judicial hearing panel, sharing videos, photos and commentaries on his Twitter page.