#SaveMirabel: Nigeria’s first rape crisis centre is on the verge of closing down

Rape survivors are often blamed and ostracized from their communities; this demotivates them from speaking out and seeking justice….

With nowhere to turn, they are forced to keep quiet. But this all began to change in 2013 when the Mirabel Centre, the first Sexual Assault Response Team in Lagos, opened its doors. Almost 3 years on, the Mirabel Centre has attended to over 1,250 sexual assault survivors (including 30 men), ranging from 10 months to 70 years old. However, the centre has not seen up to 10 cases result in convictions, that’s less than a 1% conviction rate…..

The Mirabel centre, a project of Partnership for Justice where rape and sexual assault victims can access free forensic medical & counselling services, was initially funded by DFID. However, funding came to an end last year and the centre has been running on donations…… The centre sees an average of 5 clients a day.

Located at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, the centre has been described as “a long, dimly lit corridor lined with tiny rooms.” The centre consists of only 2 rooms (a room for the staff to work in and an examination/ observation room) as well as a small cubicle that is used as a waiting area….Read More


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